Experience  Namibia

Staying on the coast —

Swakopmund, located on the coast, serves as the ideal base camp for your Namibian adventures. Explore the enchantment of the Skeleton Coast and embark on short trips to discover the wonders of our incredible country.  

Main Namibian hot spots —

. Skeleton Coast
. Erongo Mountains
. Spitzkoppe


. Etosha National Park
. Namib Desert
. Damaraland

Why Namibia —

. Safe destination
. No jet lag with Europe
. Well served by major airlines
 (Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airline)

. Up-to-Date communication network
  (4G, Fiber optic)
. Wide range of accommodation
. Good medical infrastructure

Let's make the best of it

Experience the best of Namibia by collaborating with Damarana, a trusted travel partner. They can assist you in planning your stay, recommending accommodations, organising activities, and arranging safaris, whether you prefer guided or self-drive adventures.

Work, travel & enjoy —

Let us help you plan your stay and assist you with accommodation, activities, short safaris, long safaris (guided or self drive) around.

How can you travel in Namibia?

We do all the bookings for you and you go for your African road-trip, all by yourself!

You will enjoy our customised 4x4 and nature lover guides during your full trip to the park.

Fly-in safari
Your transfer to the park will be done by the air, scoring a superb scenic flight on the way!

Where can you stay?

You can camp…
depending on your trip formula, you will camp by yourself or our guide will host you in his fly camp!

…or stay in a lodge
Our travel experts will gladly inform you and assist you in your selection, according to your expectations and priorities.

Generally, Namibia offers a great diversity of accommodation going from a simple and friendly guesthouse to a top luxurious lodge built in the middle of nowhere.

Let us help you plan your stay