For the  ultimate dedication —

Private offices—

Embrace the ideal balance between privacy and creative energy in our secure and tranquil private offices. Constructed with a captivating blend of aluminium, glass, and wood, these elegant spaces keep you visually connected to fellow members while ensuring complete confidentiality.

Check what is included—

. High speed internet (paratus)
. 24/7 access
. Secured entrance

. Parking bays
. Printer, copier, scanner
. Cleaning services
. Kitchen access

Pricing plans —


Pay per day. This pass is the best option for freelance workers, visitors and business travellers who need a temporary, fully serviced place to work for the day.

450 ZAR/Day


If you don’t need a workspace everyday; but you want to get down to business and enjoy the inspirational atmosphere and community of Desert & Ocean five days a month, this is the option for you.

1200 ZAR/Week


You have unlimited 24/7 access. Certainly the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by open-minded entrepreneurs, in a fully serviced office space.


3500 ZAR/Month

Check availability &  book your seat